Normandy was the second stop of the 8 day adventure through Europe. Normandy was quite. Total opposite of Paris. My body was still in Paris mode and felt like I needed to be running to catch a metro or always be on the look out for pick-poketers but I started to get into the laid-back, quite, Normandy lifestyle. The 3 hour bus drive to Normandy displayed the very green countryside of France and multiple mini towns along the way. We stopped in a town alongside a harbor where Claude Monet painted a famous painting of his. During Normandy, we visited many historic sites while there like the massive grave site of all the soldiers who lost their lives during D-Day. Also, my other favorite site we visited here was La Pointe du Hoc. This is right on the beach were the soldiers stormed the beaches. There was a really interesting rock structure that I took many photos of. Normandy was a great experience and a town full of respectful people.