London was the last stop of the Europe adventure. We crossed the English channel from France by ferry to enter into England. At the end of ferry ride you can barely start to make out the White Cliffs of Dover along the coastline. We had another 2 hour bus ride to get into the city of London. When we arrived we quickly drove around the city and had previews of the places we were going to see the next day. When the next day arrived we kicked off the day with a bus tour with a very funny guide who took us around to Cathedrals, parks, the Big Ben, and Buckingham palace. While at Buckingham palace we witnessed the guards change of shifts. It was like a mini parade! The queen wasn't at Buckingham palace that day but it was really interesting to read facts about the place and see where the Queen of England spends some of her time at. After Buckingham palace we went to the London Eye. We bought tickets and the whole ride was about 30 Minutes long. The cart took us to the top of London and we could see all the same sites that we went to earlier that morning from a different view. The rest of this day was spent shopping, eating new food, going to the theater, and running around London at night before we left Europe the next day. I am so happy that I got this chance and opportunity to experience other countries and customs. I'd like to thank my friends and family who helped donate to this trip. It wouldn't have been possible without your help. Thank you - adam