Plexus Collaboration

Plexus approached me a couple weeks ago wanting to start up a collaboration and of course i was all for it. I love fitness and this is a great tool that I use especially in stretching and in my warmups and cool downs. The quality of this thing is tremendous. Sometimes i just love standing on it and balancing because its quite fun haha.

Anyways, I really like this company because first the package was sent super fast and thats just the best. Second, the team behind this company were super helpful when communicating back and forth over email to set this whole collar up. I personally haven't ever worked with another company that was as helpful as Plexus is. Lastly,  the people behind Plexus must be geniuses because in the package they sent me a note saying how excited they were to be working with me and that meant the world. Again that has never happened to me in a collar before and it made me feel more involved with them. 

Plexus, thank you for this opportunity.