These are the clients that I love. I love when we can collaborate and create some killer images. 


Meet one of my new best friends. She works at Buffalo Express (my favorite place to shop), is a killer model, and loves art as much as I do. We created some magic in the desert a little bit ago:



Saw that one of my best friends in tis whole world chopped her hair and got a cool new hat. So like usual when I like someone and wha they're doing, I ask them to shoot. 



The fact that this shoot almost didn't happen breaks my heart but I'm so happy that it did. My favorite image of my life lies in this spread.

Experimented with light a lot in this shoot. Trying to master it and to make it my signature look.

Try to find my favorite:


1 hour of light to work with, 1 intense sunset, and one model willing to do all the weird poses I had composed in my head. 

The motive behind the shoot was to challenge myself with shooting in 1) an environment I haven't shot in before 2) shooting when the sun was gone.

We had to take a pause for the killer sunset that's currently on my Top 10 Sunsets I've Witnessed list and then shot until there wasn't any light left. Well I guess there was moonlight. Maybe that'll make a cool shoot?;)

Savannah Ferguson

It's rare to click so quickly with someone when on a shoot but, Savannah and I were instantly friends and thats why I loved the shoot so much. She's a dream person to work with and I wish her the best. Trying out some new techniques in this shoot:

Evening adventures

       I'm on the verge of finding my unique style in the world of photography and these past weeks Ive been confused on the path I should take. I love photography, but man is it difficult. 

       To stick out and make a name for yourself is excrutiating. To always have the want for what other photographers are doing is my curse. I need to focus on the present, what I can do to better myself, and how to expand where I am at this moment. 

     So heres to a new beginning. A change. To work in the present and fixate my mind on the right content and to find a new way of living. Heres to the past, the now, and the future.


Free People Salt Lake

Free People gave me the opportunity to shoot some of their new product in Salt Lake. We worked together to pick out outfits and plan a shoot. The day of shooting went really well and they were some of my favorite pictures Ive taken in a long time! It was such a great opportunity and really fun to do some work with them. Stay tuned for future collars with Free people!



All year long I've been saving up to for this trip. When it got down to the last week it didn't even feel real. My friends and I got to the airport at 4;30 A.M. and started out for our first over seas adventure. Paris was first on our list. It started with the dreaded 13 hour flight. This was my first time ever being out of the country and I GOT MY FIRST STAMP IN MY PASSPORT. We were so excited to get out there we dropped off our luggage at the hotel and 15 minutes later we were out the door heading into the heart of Paris. We kicked off the day with walking the streets, immediately finding crepes, and seeing the Fontaine Saint-Michel. Notre Dame was next on this list. This was the most impressive cathedral we saw the entire trip. The lighting and stained glass inside was breathtaking and I wanted to sit there all day and admire the intricate craftsmanship of this monument. The next day was filled with iconic Paris monuments. The Eiffel tower and Arc de Triomphe. The eiffel tower was the main focus of the day. We toured around the front and backside grabbing lot of photos along the way. We had the opportunity to travel to the top of the eiffel tower and also have a boat take us around the river that runs through Paris and see the city at night.  The last day in Paris we went to the Louvre. I really wanted to see the Mona Lisa. It was the first on my list and you can see it in one of the photos below. The louvre had paintings as big as 20' x 30' (maybe bigger even) . We were pressed for time and only scratched the surface of this huge museum. Paris was my most favorite from the trip. I loved the people, food, and overall feeling and energy you got from the city. The architecture was incredible and I definitely need to go back soon. 



Normandy was the second stop of the 8 day adventure through Europe. Normandy was quite. Total opposite of Paris. My body was still in Paris mode and felt like I needed to be running to catch a metro or always be on the look out for pick-poketers but I started to get into the laid-back, quite, Normandy lifestyle. The 3 hour bus drive to Normandy displayed the very green countryside of France and multiple mini towns along the way. We stopped in a town alongside a harbor where Claude Monet painted a famous painting of his. During Normandy, we visited many historic sites while there like the massive grave site of all the soldiers who lost their lives during D-Day. Also, my other favorite site we visited here was La Pointe du Hoc. This is right on the beach were the soldiers stormed the beaches. There was a really interesting rock structure that I took many photos of. Normandy was a great experience and a town full of respectful people.